Planning Now…A Priceless Gift

Planning Now …A Priceless Gift…Time-Honored option!

Those who died yesterday had plans for this morning.  And those who died this morning had plans for tonight.  Don’t take life for granted.  In the blink of an eye, everything can change.  So, forgive often and love with all your heart.  You may never get to have that chance again.

Families who have had a loved one prearrange don’t tend to say, “I wish Mom hadn’t done this.”  Instead they are grateful for the care and concern a parent or spouse showed.  They are thankful that they didn’t have to make those difficult decisions alone. 

They are comforted in knowing they are following the wishes of their loved one…but perhaps most important of all prearrangement gives you and your loved one peace of mind…and that is a priceless gift

Would you be angry if your spouse or parent died and you had to make arrangements?

Will you give that priceless gift (peace of mind)? Time-honored options.

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Funeral Planning & Medicaid…spend down rules.

If you are in need of spending down assets to qualify for Medicaid coverage for nursing home or in-home health care, the subject of funeral planning may have come up.

Medicaid is a joint state and federally funded health insurance program intended for people with low income and a dire need for medical care. Those whose non-exempt assets are above the state-mandated amount cannot qualify for assistance until their assets are drained by health care costs. This can be devastating for a family that has saved diligently over the years, especially if a spouse or dependent child is involved.

No one wants hard-earned assets to be whittled away by health care expenses. Fortunately, there are certain ways to reduce non-exempt assets or to “spend down” assets in very specific ways so that they are excluded—and thus sheltered—from the total assist considered to qualify for Medicaid.

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